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Laminate consists of multiple layers of compressed paper with melamine resin, treated at high temperatures and worked into thin sheets. For kitchen countertops, these sheets are glued to a wood substrate. The top layer forms the surface of your countertop and is available in many different designs, colours and patterns.
With the advance of technology, the variety of laminate patterns and colours has never been greater — there are literally thousands of choices with different colors, designs and patterns to choose from. There’s likely a laminate for every kitchen style preference out there.
Laminate countertops are available in two main styles:

  1. Post-form: machine-made and often includes the backsplash and counter as one piece. Can be heated and bent to create various profiles.
  2. Flat lay: this allows for custom shapes and sizes with attached backsplashes and wood-accented and bevelled edges.
Laminate countertops are not cutting boards and should be protected from knives and other implements that can cause damage to the surfaces. Other than that, they are low maintenance and should last many years if professionally installed and properly used.

Laminate countertops may be damaged by excessive heat. They may also develop chips, cracks and scratches if not properly cared for by homeowners.

Formica® is one of the best-known laminate brands but there are many others, such as Arborite, Nevamar, Wilsonart®, and Pionite®. Each brand provides different designs to choose from and the choice is yours!
Laminate countertops are one of the most budget-friendly options for your kitchen, while also satisfying most homeowners’ design preferences. The many options available today make laminates a serious option for the majority of homeowners, with prices varying according to the brand, colour, style and edging preferences.
Only experienced DIY enthusiasts should attempt to install countertops of any kind. Most homeowners do not have the necessary experience, tools or expertise to attempt a countertop installation and should call the professionals to avoid potential safety issues, other problems and delays.

Yes, for a unique look to your kitchen, laminate countertop edges can be modified. We can provide samples to outline your options during our consultations.

Laminate countertops require little maintenance — simply washing them down with a damp cloth deals with most issues. More stubborn stains and grease can usually be removed with a mild household detergent and a soft-bristled brush.
Some type of seam may be required depending on the size and shape of your countertop. We will assess this before we build your countertop on-site during the installation stage. Any seams will be as far away as possible from the sink and other plumbed fixtures to avoid water damage.
Professionally installed laminate countertops will be largely stain- and scratch-resistant. If they become chipped or damaged by heat, you may want to replace rather than repair them. However, small scratches can often be touched up with resin paint.
Yes, all of our work is covered by our one-year installation warranty. In the unlikely event that your countertops develop any issues within the first 12 months, we will fix them free of charge.
Yes, we will remove old countertops and backsplash as part of the service.
Some laminates may be used in half-bathrooms but the moisture and humidity usually present in full bathrooms may create some issues with laminate materials. Speak with one of our laminate professionals for advice.